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About The Flordia Comets

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Florida Comets AAU Basketball. Formed in 2005, the Florida Comets are the vision of Dr. Bennie Shaw. The Florida Comets are a non profit enhancement organization, which seeks to provide multiple services to the community. All projects are designed to fill a void in the community where needs exist. Florida Comets prepares each student to excel by providing an innovation and comprehensive extra-curricular activity program. Through involvement of students, parents, staff and the community, each student will develop skills necessary to reach their maximum potential and become a productive member of society.

Since its creation, the Florida Comets have been one of South Florida's premier youth basketball organizations. Last year, our 7th Grade girls team played in 15 tournaments amassing 12 first place finishes including a YBOA and USSSA National Championship.

If you and your child are interested in becoming a Florida Comet please understand that a strong commitment is required for success. Many of the tournaments are not locally based and will require travel and overnight stays for parents and players alike. Contained below you will find all forms and pertient information on our program. We encourage you to review our player handbook and contact us with any questions you may have.

Bennie Shaw

NBA draftee
(Milwaukee Bucks)

University of Central Florida (UCF) Basketball Hall of Fame

College Basketball Honorable Mentioned All- American

Boone High School Basketball Hall of Fame